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Steele Air Force Pro Pickleball Paddle

Steele Air Force Pro Pickleball Paddle

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At the core of this innovation lies the remarkable Air Force fusion of raw carbon fiber and polypropylene honeycomb. This ingenious combination results in a paddle that strikes the perfect balance between power, control, and finesse. The raw carbon fiber not only enhances the overall strength of the paddle but also contributes to its lightweight nature – allowing you to effortlessly maneuver the paddle for precise shots and quick resets.

The honeycomb core design amplifies the paddle's responsiveness, ensuring that every strike resonates with accuracy and impact. Experience an unparalleled "pop" that leaves your opponents astonished and your shots on target. The unique cell structure of the honeycomb core optimizes weight distribution, enhancing both power and touch – a dynamic that makes this paddle a game-changer for players of all levels.


Length (in):  16.45

Width (in):  7.4

Thickness (mm):  16.0

Weight (oz): 7.75