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Head Graphene Touch Prestige MP Tennis Racquet

Head Graphene Touch Prestige MP Tennis Racquet

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The Graphene Touch Prestige promises precision and the legendary MP version steps it up a notch. Its unique engineering is perfect for the experienced player who wants to take the fast-paced game to a very high level of control and precision. Just like its brothers, the MP features the innovative Graphene Touch technology for incredible touch and a solid dampened feel. With its 18/20 string pattern for ultimate control, the MP is a high-value, pure performance racquet with a premium and sophisticated matte/glossy design featuring chrome decals and see-through carbon fibre.


Weight (Unstrung): 315g / 11.1 oz

String Pattern: 16/19

Head Size: 615 cm2 / 95 in2

Grip Size: 1-5

Balance: 315 mm / 1 in HL

Length: 685 mm / 27.0 in

Beam: 22 mm